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Tikamgarh Tourism

Tikamgarh city does boost good number of beautiful temples and prominent monuments, which are actually priceless treasures from its immensely rich history. So visiting and exploring these places is like going back to the roots of Tikamgarh region. Tikamgarh has its own enchanting beauty is sufficient enough to draw even discerning tourists. So below is detailed information about all the famous tourist destinations located in and around Tikamgarh city.

Tikamgarh Tourism
Chaturbuj Temple

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Tourist Destinations in Tikamgarh

Kundadev Mahadev Temple

This immensely famous Lord Shiva Temple is located in small village of Kundeshwar, located just 5 kms away from Tikamgarh city. What makes this Lord Shiva temple famous is devotee’s strong belief that Shiva Linga inside this temple has miraculously originated from a nearby (Kunda) well. While this miraculous fact will always be the unique feature of this temple, but temple’s beauty and enchanting surrounding are equally worth praising. Its nearby surrounding especially deserves a very special mention here, as it includes beautiful picnic spot and even beautiful waterfall. So Kundadev Mahadev Temple isn’t just worth visiting for spiritual solace and evoking religious fervor, but also for enjoying some stress free time with your loved ones and friends.

Laxmi Narayan Temple in Orchha

The historical town of Orchha is located nearly 100 kms away from Tikamgarh city. It is birthplace of great Orchha kingdom, which ruled entire Tikamgarh District for nearly four centuries. This great kingdom constructed many architectural marvels in Orchha town during its hey days. Among them Chaturbhuj Temple and Laxmi Narayan Temple clearly stands out for their architectural beauty. The most unique thing about these temples is that it brings forth architectural combination of temple style design and fort style design. Because of this unique combination, both these temple look very grand. The most unique thing about Laxmi Narayan temple is its mural/wall paintings. These enchantingly beautiful paintings reveal unique stories of Orccha town and its people. If you have even slightest inclination towards painting and art, then these mural paintings will surely linger in your memories for years to come.

Chaturbhuj Temple

Speaking first about Chaturbhuj Temple, this architecturally wonderful temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The one very unique thing about this temple is the breathtaking ariel view of Orchha town from temple rooftop. This is something that you shouldn’t miss at all. And one must equally not miss Ram Raja Temple, another beautiful temple that is adjacent to Chaturbhuj Temple.

Jahangir Mahal in Orchha

This is another architectural masterpiece that is also located in the very heart of Orccha town. This grand mahal or palace is actually symbolic of deep bond and friendship that existed between Bundela king Vir Singh Deo and Mughal king Jahangir (son of king Akbar). Vir Singh Deo had constructed this palace to honor his friendship with King Jahangir, after he had graciously gifted him entire Bundelkhand region after his father’s demise. But King Jahangir is believed to have spent just one night in this huge mahal. Speaking about architecture of this palace, then it has been constructed in classic Indo Islamic architecture. There are over 100 rooms and several hanging balconies and courtyards in this three storey palace. This architectural masterpiece must not be missed at any cost.

Famous Jain temples in Ahar Ji and Papora Ji

Ahar Ji and Papora Ji villages, located nearby Tikamgarh city, are two immensely sacred pilgrimage centers for local Jain devotees. Every year numerous Jain temples located here draw thousands of Jain devotees and even Hindu devotes from every nook and corner of Tikamgarh District. Especially the huge Jain Temple of Papora Ji village that contains idols of twenty four Tirthakars draws huge devotees every year. A huge religious fair is also organized every year in month of Kartika sudi Purnima, which obviously draws huge number of devotees and even tourists from nearby cities and towns.

Garh Kundar Fort


Ruins of Garh Kundar Fort is located in one of the villages of Niwari tehsil – one of the 6 tehsils of Tikamgarh District. From Tikamgarh city this village is located some 22 kms. Today this huge fort may be laying in ruin, but its ruin are replete with immensely rich history. History that goes back to 11th century A.D, when this fort was constructed by Khangar chief Khet Singh (also known as Khub Singh Khangar). Construction of this fort in fact laid the foundation of Khangar kingdom, which ruled large part of Bundelkhand region till 14th century A.D. Therefore this fort is another powerful symbol of rich history of Tikamgarh region. In fact aura of its ancient history can still be felt in surroundings and ruins of this fort even to this day. And this is exactly why one must not miss visit to this fort.

Sun temple in Umri Village

Umri is a small village located just few kilometers away from main city of Tikamgarh. This small village owes its significance to Sun Temple, located in eastern part of the village. Although this sun temple is not really huge, but given the fact that this sun temple is one of the few sun temples that are there in India is enough reason to draw tourists. Besides, this temple happens to be another historical treasure of Tikamgarh region. It was constructed during 9th century A.D, when mighty Pratihara Empire was supreme ruler of Northern India.

Shaan-E-Park Tikamgarh

Tikamgarh does offer few scenic gardens, where nature lovers can spend an entire day in the splendor of lush greenery. The city’s two most famous gardens are Shaan-E-Park and Rajendra Park. Rajendra Park was in fact inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, first President of India. But when it comes to scenic beauty, then Shaan-E-Park is more lush green than Rajendra Park. Besides these two gardens, other popular gardens are Subhash Chandra Bose Park, Chandra Shekhar Azad Park and Children Park located in civil line.

How to reach Tikamgarh ?

The best way to reach Tikamgarh is via train. But train journey to Tikamgarh is not possible via break journey through Jhansi junction. This is because very few trains halt at Tikamgarh Railway Station. In fact Jhansi-Tikamgarh passenger train is probably the only train that halts here. The second best way to reach Tikamgarh is via air, in which case you’ll have to take flight to Khajuraho airport, the nearest airport to Tikamgarh. From there the best option is to travel via rental car or private cab.

51818/Jhansi Tikamgarh Passenger (UnReserved): Departure from Jhansi junction: 06:50. Runs on daily basis.

Where to Stay in Tikamgarh ?

Hotels in Tikamgarh
Hotel Room

There are some really good luxury hotels operating in the heart of Tikamgarh city as well as in Orchha town. Orchha town, as you all know, is located approximately 100 kms away from Tikamgarh city. Being one of the primary tourist attractions Tikamgarh is home to some really good hotels. You can prefer to stay in these hotels as they are equipped with all facilities that you were looking for.

Hotel Infinity Residency
Address: T Mall, Nagar Bhawan Road, Near State Bank Chauraha, Tikamgarh H O, Tikamgarh - 472001
Phone no: +(91)-7683-246394, +(91)-9425141638

Hotel Raj Mahal Palace
Address: Orchha, Near Chandra Shekhar Azad Park, Tikamgarh – 472246
Phone no: +(91)-9935085025, 7747065402

Hotel Fort View
Address: Lalitpur Road, Near Hanuman Chalisa Mandir, Tikamgarh H O, Tikamgarh – 472001
Phone no: +(91)-7683-245200, +(91)-9425141352

Hotel White House
Address: Civil Lines, Tikamgarh H O, Tikamgarh – 472001
Phone no: +(91)-7683-242894, +(91)-9926222416

Traveling Tips

Please do bear in mind following advices as and when you travel to Tikamgarh
  • Tikamgarh does have decent number of ATM’s and branches of prominent banks like ICICI, HDFC and SBI. So one need take the risk of carrying too much of cash
  • All tourists, especially female tourists, are requested to dress themselves modestly. This is not because of law and order issue, but because Tikamgarh is a very conservative society
  • Please carry important documents like Pan Card, Aadhar card etc. One will need them for booking accommodation in hotels and guest houses
  • Tikamgarh is a very religious society. So it is requested to all tourists that no extreme or offensive comment must be made against any religion or cast
Overall, Tikamgarh boost tourist places of great historical significance. And besides carrying historical significance, most places are also architectural master piece. In other words, Tourists should not fathom hard for reasons to visit Tikamgarh. This is more so if you happen to have even slightest of inclination towards history or simply love watching architectural monuments.

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